Safety first

Safety first

Safety first

Safety first

Doing an internship on Curaçao sounds great and it is! If you pay attention and use your common sense, there is no reason not to enjoy a wonderful life on Curaçao! “Chilling on the Antilles” with pearly white beaches and a clear blue sea: they are clichés but you’ll certainly experience it.

The tips / details below will ensure that your internship on Curaçao is a great success.

1. Administrators are present

The managers live in both villas (with their own entrance), so you do not have to feel unsafe. We are always available for you if you have questions or need help with something.

2. Camera security around the villas

Both villas are secured by cameras and are illuminated at night. In addition, the site is completely walled off and closed, so you can relax with your roommates and enjoy the BBQ on site with a refreshing drink!

3. The less proper neighborhoods of the island

There are a number of neighborhoods which we advise against pleasantly walking around, because that is unnecessarily asking for problems. You can compare this with the lesser neighborhoods like in Amsterdam, The Hague etc.

Do not let this scare you, but our experience is that the rest of the island is a lot cozier. You can also find the other tourists there and all your fellow interns.

4. Do not walk in the street in the evening

Go out together, ... come home together!

It gets dark quickly, when the sun goes down around six, it gets very dark, so keep that in mind.

For example, do not go walking alone on the street in the evening through alleys and pay extra attention to your wallet in the tourist areas.

5. Watch your car

There are several guarded parking places where you can safely leave your car. But never leave bags in the car or other items in sight, because a window get smashed in no-time.

6. Do not just step into someone’s car

Logical, but we say it anyway. Do not just get in the car with strangers, minibus taxis, but also people who offer you a lift, do not do it. Someone may have wrong intentions and then you’ll have to face the consequences.

7. Alcohol if you still have to drive

The general control on the island is considerably less than in the Netherlands and therefore there are also drunk drivers who are here behind the wheel. Everyone thinks he or she can still drive perfectly, but here on Curaçao it’s very normal to suddenly stop on the road and to not give priority to others.

Responding to these acute actions is more difficult with having had a drink too much, so pay attention and take care of your own responsibility.

8. Just be normal

The last and perhaps most valuable tip: “Just be normal”. Enjoy your internship under the sun and have fun!