Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I best look for airline tickets?

TunaFish has several special (cheap) student rates. You can also book flexible tickets here, so that you can stay longer or fly from a different location. In addition, the best-known companies are TUI and KLM.

I am still looking for an internship where can I go?

You can take an internship in Curaçao in various ways. You can check through your school whether they have internship assignments available or you look for them on the internet. You can find various agencies via Google that mediate in internships!

Can I come to the island with a single ticket or do I have to get a return ticket?

In principle, you could stay on the island for a maximum of six months with a single ticket. However, practice shows that customs return people when they have booked a single ticket. One wants to be sure that you go back after six months and with a single ticket this is difficult to prove.

We therefore always recommend to buy a return ticket with possibly a flexible date. If you have applied for a Residence Permit but it has not yet been granted to you, we also recommend that you buy a return ticket. After all, you are not yet in possession of the permit.

Note: the above applies to Dutch and American students.

Is Curaçao safe?

You often hear stories that Curaçao is not safe and that there is a lot of crime. Curaçao is comparable to a large city in the Netherlands and therefore also in safety. There are a number of things that you can look out for to make your stay as fun as possible. Here you will find additional tips on safety in Curaçao.

Do I have to apply for a permit?

Yes, if you are going to work or do an internship in Curaçao, it is important to apply for a permit on time. You do not need to apply for a permit if you go to Curaçao on a holiday without going for work or an internship.

Note: the above applies to Dutch and American students.

What do I need for applying for a permit?

In order to be able to do an internship as a foreign student on Curaçao you need an internship permit, because you are not allowed to enter the workplace without a permit.

You must apply for a so-called Residence Permit (“Verklaring van Rechtswege” ) and in most cases your internship company does this. If this is not the case, you can easily find the information via

Note: the above applies to Dutch and American students.

Is it possible to be picked up from Hato airport Curaçao?

Of course this is possible! After a long flight, it is comfortable that we come to pick you up. You can easily reserve our pick-up service in advance.

What are the monthly costs on Curacao?

Doing an internship on Curaçao does bring some costs. In addition to renting and possibly renting a car, you’ll also have to think of groceries, outings and nights out.

You control your own expenses. Keep in mind that supermarkets in Curaçao are generally more expensive than in the Netherlands.

Is it important to take out an insurance?

It is always important to travel well insured. In addition, most internships require you to be properly insured before you start working. A good insurance policy is not only important in connection with any accidents, loss/theft or damage that you might attribute to another, but also a requirement for the approval of your residence permit by the competent authority.

Can I receive a supplementary grant on my trip to Curaçao?

It is possible to get a scholarship if you do an internship abroad. This depends on which education you follow. Ask your school if there are any possibilities for a scholarship.

How do I know if there are rooms available?

As soon as you have sent the reservation form, we will immediately check whether a room is still available. If not, we look at the other villa and we will discuss this with you.

Are the student houses secured?

Both villas are secured with cameras and good locks. In addition, managers are present in both villas.

Suppose I arrive at Curaçao on half of the month, what do I pay for rent?

If you do not arrive on the first of the month, we will chance the monthly rent to daily rent so you will never have to pay too much rent!

Is there WIFI available?

WIFI connection is available everywhere in the house and you can use the internet at your convenience.

What should I do if something breaks in the villa?

Sometimes it can happen that something breaks or that you have lost your keys, for example. Inform us about this and we’ll make sure it is renewed. The costs of this are then settled with the deposit you’ve paid.

Is it also possible for my family and friends to come over?

It is of course very nice when your family and friends want to come along to visit you and it’s even more fun if they can stay with you. Villa Azul has a guest room where they can possibly stay. In addition, it is possible at Punda aan Zee to place extra beds in the room. Your guests can stay with you for only € 25, - per night!

Which language is usually spoken?

Papiamento and Dutch are spoken on Curaçao. Of course you also have languages like Spanish that are spoken there but this is not the most common one. Papiamento is a nice language to learn and people appreciate it when you speak this (a bit).

Is it wise to rent a car?

Curaçao may be an island but to get from one point to the other, you’ll certainly have to move 45 minutes by car. In addition, the beautiful spots are sometimes further apart. Also, public transport is not optimal and with a private car you have complete freedom.

It is therefore advisable to rent a car, view our cheap cars here.

How is public transport arranged?

Public transport in Curaçao is not comparable to the Netherlands. Since everything in the Netherlands is well organized, it is a bit different here. You can use two types of buses and they generally go on a fixed route, but they do have their own bus schedule.

Can I cycle on Curaçao?

It is possible to cycle on Curaçao. Both of our villas are located in the heart of Willemstad, so that having a bike can be easy. Keep in mind that bicycle paths are not found everywhere.

What is the legal currency on Curaçao?

The legal currency on Curaçao is the Dutch Antillean guilder and the US dollar. The exchange rate of the Dutch Antillean guilder with the Euro varies per day. The exchange rate of the US dollar with the Dutch Antillean guilder has a fixed exchange rate. For more information about the exchange rate, please visit Keep in mind that you cannot pay anywhere with the Euro.

Is it possible to withdraw money on Curaçao?

On Curaçao you can simply withdraw money with your debit card. Make sure that your “world” option is activated. You can pay with card in almost every store and you also have several ATMs on the island.

Where can I go for specific questions?

For specific questions you can always mail to