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View our handy tips:

View our handy tips:

Tip 1: Online immigration card

Traveling to Curaçao is now even easier thanks to the online immigration card. Filling in the immigration card is mandatory for travelers to Curaçao. To make this all work smoothly, this now no longer needs to be filled in during the flight, because it can be done online.

If your stay on Curaçao is for a maximum of 3 months, you can fill in this card via, by going to ‘Online ED-card’. When you arrive in Curaçao, the immigration service can immediately find the ED-card via the international passport. Very useful and saves you long waiting times.

The Gates 6e and 6 are manned counters that are made available for immigration in the airport’s arrival area. If you have digitally filled in your Online ED-card and have an American, European or Canadian passport with a chip, you can use the electric gates.

If you forgot to fill out the online immigration card before departure, or if you stay in Curaçao for more than three months or if you have a temporary residence permit, you should contact the immigration authorities as usual to carry out the necessary border control. On the plane, the cabin crew hands out this card. Please note: if you make a clerical mistake or other ambiguities on this visa, ask the cabin crew for a new one. The immigration service does not accept visas, which look unclear or anything like that. This may prevent problems when you arrive at HATO Airport.

Tip 2: Take out guilders directly

In the arrival hall of HATO Airport there is an ATM, here you can already withdraw your first guilders. This is especially useful when you use our pick-up service.

Tip 3: Take an extra phone

If you are going to work in Curacao, you’ll obviously still want to be accessible on your mobile phone. The use of your Dutch number on Curaçao can sometimes be very costly and therefore it may be useful to get a prepaid chip card here on the island (sim card). You can easily charge them with call minutes and internet and you can place them in your extra phone that you have taken with you!

Tip 4: Rent a car

To fully explore the island during your internship, you’ll really need a car. The island has countless beautiful places that you do not want to miss out on. With the car you can get everywhere in no time and you can tour yourself. We rent cheap rental cars so that it remains affordable for you.

Tip 5: Buy a beach towel on the island

To save space in your suitcase and to take extra clothes with you, it is an option to buy a beach towel here on the island. These are cheaper here and usually look even better!